Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just a Swanging

New Things

In the life of a mom things seem to be every changing especially with a 19 month old walking (starting to run) & talking up a storm. She seems to pick up a new word every few days this past week it was "seesee" = silly and "I don't know" (can't remember how she says it). She has also changed over to calling my Mommy instead of Mama, not sure why, but okay.

She has a new little hair du with a small side ponytail which I think is just precious. It makes her look so much older.

One of her favorite things right now is to wear everyone's shoes, including her Build-A-Bear's (a gift from Chris' fellow co-workers after one of her heart surgeries) slippers which are almost too small.

She also has a new "fimming fool" = swimming pool with a slide & giraffe who squirts water but she doesn't like the squirting at all, too noisy.

Then the most recent addition is her new swing set Chris & Bob (my brother-in-law) put up for her this weekend. We got her a baby swing for her birthday in November & had all intentions on putting it on the tree in our front yard, but it wouldn't work. Luckily we found a swing set pretty cheap at Wal-mart & quickly purchased it. Needless to say she loves it & would "wing" all day/night if we would let her.

New Du

Pink Hello Kitty Build-a-Bear slippers

Enjoying her new swing set

Friday, June 18, 2010

Cardio Update

Yesterday Emma went for her 6 month post-op cardio check-up & Dr. O thought she looked great. He didn't even see any reason to do a echo or EKG. He didn't hear anything that concerned him when he listened to her & thought her murmur sounded really quiet.
He has now moved Emma's check-up to annually, YAY. He said normally with a child who has a VSD repair he will see them 6 months post-op, then 1 year & then every 2-3 years, but he wants to keep an eye on our Emma. Since she did have 3 surgeries & one of them included a PA band, he wants to make sure no scar tissue forms around the artery which would restrict the flow of blood. He also wants to test her heart rhythms with a holter monitor when she gets older which will be several years from now.
She did really great in the office with no crying, only a little fussing at first & constantly saying bye, bye to the staff which is her way of saying she is ready to go. I think this was the first time anyone has ever listened to her heart since her first surgery where she didn't cry. Could we be turning the corner of learning to not be scared at the doctor? Time will tell...
I almost forgot to mention that Emma weighs 22 lbs now, grow little Emma grow.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Memorial Day weekend we headed to my Mom's beach house & had a great time as always. Emma is still not quite sure about the whole beach thing yet, or at least the sand part of it, but she loved the water. Once we introduced her to the ocean she was constantly asking for more water either to go play in it or to have some in her sand bucket or watering can.

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the weekend.

Playing in the water with Daddy

Going to get water with Daddy

She loved playing in the water in her bucket.

Loving her PB&J, we love that face.

Sitting in cousin Morgan's chair showing us the sand on her feet. Emma is such a girl.