Monday, July 25, 2011

Typical 2.5 yr old

So that hasn't been that much going on around here lately except Emma discovering new things, new songs & of course saying new words/phrases. She sings all the time which isn't new at all put she has learned some new songs. Chris taught her "Rock A-Bye Baby", "Yankee Doodle" & she picked up "London's Bridge" somewhere along the way. Her new favorite shows & toys are My Little Pony & Strawberry Shortcake. I found 2 My Little Ponies at a yard sale which she loves, but we don't any Strawberry Shortcake figures but cousin Morgan had one in church on Sunday, Emma was stoked. 

Now this doesn't mean she has left Mickey or his pals behind, they are still high on her list, its just her list has grown. She is totally into her kitchen, making pretend meals, feeding her babies/stuffed animals/characters & playing doctor with her Elmo dr kit. She loves all her puzzles, Mrs. Potato Head & of course her books. I must say she is busier than ever talking, dancing, singing & playing non-stop. I guess she is the typical 2.5 yr old, what more could we ask for. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

First Movie

We took Emma to her see her first movie at the theater yesterday, Winnie the Pooh & she really liked it. We kept telling her about it the night before & when she got up Saturday morning, but she didn't quite understand why we were leaving to go see the movie. She did not like the previews, too loud & was a bit wiggly but it went very well. She was probably one of the youngest kids there, a few under 2 & crying but not many. I guess I never imagined how different it would be going to see a kids movie than an adult one, the audience was a little louder but nothing outrageous. Emma also tried popcorn for the first time & wasn't a fan. I look forward to the next time we can take her back, maybe the new Muppet Movie.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

First Cake

Yesterday I told Emma I need to make a cake for lunch at church & she asked if she could help, so I figured we would give it a try. She was so excited about "stirring" the cake. We actually started it right before she went to bed so she didn't get to help me add the marshmallows or icing but I showed her the finished product this morning & of course gave her a tasting after lunch. It was a Mississippi Mud Cake & she loved it. Unfortunately I forgot to take a pic of the completed cake & its almost gone, but I see much more baking in our future.

 All the ingredients are in the bowl, let the stirring begin.

 Look at that serious face

She was quite proud of herself, can't you tell.

July 4th 2011

So we headed to the beach for the July 4th weekend & had a great time, even though the whole family wasn't there. I think Emma & Morgan had the most fun with each other they have ever had. They are really starting to play very well together & learning to share/take turns. They even pulled each other on the boggy board (aka surf board) which was just precious. 

 This was a bird sitting right by our car as we were leaving which we thought was very pretty but very upset that we stopped to snap a pic.

 Morgan sitting in the lego box at the beach house.

 Yes, Emma still fits in her baby float & she still loves it. 
I brought her a big girl floaty suit but I forgot to blow it up (require a pump - oops).

 Beverly & Morgan back floating

 Emma attempting to float too. (Not sure why she had to do it spread eagle???)

 She is turing into such a Daddy's girl.

 I love this one with both girls in motion.

 They totally look like they are up to something.

I so love this little face!

This is a video of Morgan pulling Emma on the boggy board thru the water. They had the best time. Warning. its a bit long.