Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sunny Days

Yesterday & today we have had great weather, sunny & high 50s - low 60s (although it didn't feel that warm) the sunshine was great. We took Emma to the park this afternoon after her nap & I was really hoping being outside today would make me feel better, but no such luck. I still feel pretty crappy & will most likely go to Urgent Care after church tomorrow. I have been on amoxicillin for 4 days & I see very little improvement. Emma keeps asking, "Mama you all better?" Sweet little thing, I wish I was. I sound better, not as hoarse, but still feel pretty bad. All I want is for this crud to go away so I can feel like myself again. I am such a groach because I feel so bad & I am tired of feeling bad. 1.5 weeks is enough for me, pls someone, anyone make it stop. We need Sunny Days in our house.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Crud

It is definitely making the rounds in our family. Now I am not just talking about our household but both of my sister's houses too, who live locally. My youngest niece, Morgan has been sick for several weeks & is finally getting better. My sister Beverly (Morgan's mom) has been sick since the last round of sicknesses, Thanksgiving & finally went to the dr last week to find out she has bronchitis, ear infection & sinus infection but is only feeling a little better. Emma had a bad cold last week & unfortunately shared it with me & now I have bronchitis & a major sore throat (went to the dr today). Plus my oldest niece Kaylee has a bad cough. So I guess you could say we share the love & germs in our family & hopefully the sharing of germs with come to an end soon. Bring on Spring.

Another Angel

Another sweet baby lost his battle with HLHS yesterday.  We didn't know baby Wyatt but I learned about him from another heart mom's blog I follow. I just can not imagine the pain of losing a baby. You can read their story on the link provided below. Please keep this family in your prayers.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Little Helper

Emma is all into helping around the house these days. She has always loved helping fold laundry but she has moved on to bigger/better things. Much to my surprise she wanted to help me sweep a week or so ago, which she used to be scared of & I gladly let her give it a try. Now of course she made a bigger mess than there already was by walking in my pile of dirt but she is learning & had a great time. 

She is also into having her picture taken, although most of the time she will give you a silly cheesy smile.

The silly cheese face

Sweet silly face

My sweet little girl

Trying out the small one

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bye Bye Pediasure

Although Pediasure did its job (gave her the nutrients & extra pounds she needed) over the last year we are glad to finally have Emma off it. She is now drinking 100% whole milk, YAY!!! We have been slowly weaning her off for the past few months & Sunday was her first day completely Pediasure free. She will have to go in for a weight check with the pedi in a month or so to make sure she doesn't backslide, but I think she will be just fine.

Now if we could just get her our of diaper we would be doing really good.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mrs Potato Head

With the snow & cold weather we have had this week, we haven't gotten out much so Emma & her Daddy have gotten pretty creative during playtime. One of Emma latest things is to dress us up like Mrs. Potato Head. Here is her playing with Daddy.

Mommie its your turn

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Emma Randomness

Things have finally gotten back to normal in our house with the holidays over & Chris back at work from his vacation home with us. Emma plays with her kitchen & Mickey characters everyday. I have even heard her acting out Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with her characters & it just makes me smile to hear her using her imagination.

I thought we had kicked the non-sleeping habit but at nap time yesterday, there was no nap. Now she doesn't cry out or scream to get out of her bed, she just lays there & plays or sings. Most of the time we end up taking away her toys, which usually works but this time she just laid there & every time I thought she was out she would start talking again.

So during supper last night I noticed her starting to nod off & sure enough when I turned my back, she was out. I wasn't sure what to do, she has never done this before. It was only 5:45 pm & she was asleep. The first thing I did was take pictures of course & then I cleaned her up (which woke her up) & she was not happy, then she got in the bathtub. She played for 30 minutes until her bath water was cold, lips purple & shivering. As soon as I put her jammas on & carried her downstairs she was asking for some milk, pacie & to go night-night. She kept asking to "go night-night" & we had her in bed before 7:45pm, not sure if that has ever happened.

In other Emma news, she is cracking us up with all her new phrases. She adds, "probably" to everything she says. "Probably need to go night-night." Probably read a book... Get the idea. She has also started saying "let me see" & "hmmm" when she is pondering something, "Emma do it by myself" (I have been waiting for that one). She sings all the time, especially "B-I-B-L-E", Jesus Loves Me & ABC's. She even mixes them all together into one song. She can count to 10, knows her ABC's, knows her colors & shapes now we just need to work on recognizing her letters & numbers.

She doesn't really have any new foods she likes but unfortunately I think she may be dropping some. She doesn't seem as crazy about broccoli, green beans or peas anymore. She does really like pizza & pasta now. Hotdogs are still her number one fav & the gogurt (yogurt sticks) thanks to aunt Karen. Now Emma can eat yogurt without making a huge mess, especially if you freeze them. She still doesn't use her fork or spoon well at all & mostly eats with her hands.

All in all she is still one of the sweetest things ever, even when she is sleepless. She still will not whisper in church, says "Peez" instead of yes & calls her cousin Morgan, "MaaMaa", although she can say stethoscope, go figure.

Riding in my new car I got from Nana for Christmas.

"Emma did it by myself"
This is the first time she has climbed into the recliner & made it up.

Trying it again

Almost there

Asleep in her highchair last night at supper (no nap = tired Emma)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year

I have decided I am not going to make "resolutions" per say this year, which I always break, but goals. Last year:
• I didn't read the Bible in a year
• Tried to stay organized
• Didn't make any money but, saved some money w/couponing
• Lost weight, but as always, gained it all back

So this year I am going to tackle some of the same goals.
1. I definitely want to attempt reading the Bible in a year again, although I haven't started it yet but hopefully I will tonight.
2. I want to be more organized. I have been working on several different projects already & continue to tweak them. With the strong possibility of a new baby being adding to our family this year I want to make room for him/her. My biggest task is going to be the office which is where the new baby's room will be. I have been setting aside an afternoon every few weeks to sort/purge/organize. Its really hard to believe some how all that stuff will have to come out & go either in our room or in storage.
3. My biggest & most exciting goal is to save more money. I have decided to make a spreadsheet to track my couponing/spending habits. I know I saved us money last year but I am positive I can do better. If this goal is not accomplished I will most likely have to go back into the workforce, which none of us want. Let the extreme couponing begin.