Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Avery at 6 months

Avery turned 6 months old last Tuesday which means she is growing up way too fast. She is quite the vocal little girl. She squeals in excitement or to just get our attention & Emma isn't very fond of it. In fact in brings Emma to tears she says it scares her. She can get really loud. We are trying to teach her NO & whisper but have had no luck so far. 

She is pretty much on track developmentally except for rolling over. She has only done it twice. The first time was about 2 months ago & it scared her to death but last night she rolled over again. (I missed it both times). She is sitting supported & really close to sitting on her own. We pulled our the walker & jumper a week ago & she loves both of them. She already is very active, I can only imagine what she will be like once she is mobile. 

She has been eating cereal for about a month & started on baby food over the weekend. I started her off on carrots but I am not sure she likes them. She makes some terrible faces & spits a lot of it out. She also hasn't really wanted her cereal very much in the last week, so I am not sure what that is all about. She also hasn't slept well the past few days, maybe she is teething? I haven't seen or felt anything yet so we shall see.

She weighs 16 lbs, 5 oz & Dr. K said she was a little chubby but also said she wasn't to worried about it. I hope she doesn't think we over feed Avery because it is very clear when she is hungry. She eats every 4-5 hrs like clock work. She did tell me to stop mixing formula in her cereal & I had already cut back on it. (I wonder if that has something to do her not wanting her cereal???) She is 25.75" tall, which is a little short which I think makes her look chubbier than she really is. 

Dr. K also wants Avery to be evaluated by PT for a stiff neck. She heavily favors turning to the right & sleeping on her right side. She even will try to turn all the way around from her right instead of turning left. Hopefully if PT thinks she needs to be seen it won't be for very long. 

 Jumping for joy, literally.

Trying out Nana's walker that lights up, talks & sings.