Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weight Check

I took Emma in for her post Pediasure weight check on Monday & Dr. K wasn't very happy. Emma has only gained 6 oz since coming off Pediasure & before that she had gained 2 lbs from Nov - Jan while still on it. Of course I am not real sure how much she should have gained or what she wants Emma to weigh, but there was a definite drop off post Pediasure. 

So Dr. K didn't want to do anything too harsh, like immediately put her back on it so we are still on a trial period. She opted not to have me bring Emma back in a few months but for us to weigh Emma at home monthly & if she doesn't start gaining or starts losing we have to take her in to discuss our options. Emma's eating has dropped off a lot too, so that may also be a factor. All she wants to do is play & I am definitely not going to force her into her chair at mealtime if she would rather play. She will eat when she is hungry & thankfully Dr. K agreed with me. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My new ride

So Emma got a new ride, Barbie Jeep, a hand-me-down from her big cousins, Kaylee & Caroline. The jeep is 10-12 yrs old & we haven't got a new battery for it yet, but she still loves playing in it. She is still a bit young to be able to drive it herself so we may still hold off on getting the battery for a while. She really wants us to push her around the yard in her new jeep, which Chris did in the beginning, but its quite hard so I leave that to him. We are so grateful to have big cousins in the fam to give us their hand-me-downs, we probably would have never bought her one of these, they are just too pricey!

 Look it has a phone too.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Swinging in Spring

That is pretty much how we spend most of our time outside these days is pushing Emma in her swing or playing ball. She has a new favorite thing which I will post next, so stay tuned.

 Chris & Emma have this game of kicking the ball while she is swinging & I tried to get shots to show the progression of the game.

 Another one of Emma's new favorite things to do is water the grass with Daddy. 

 "Picking flowers with Spencer" its actually Braddford Pear blooms 

 Last spring she would not play with this popper, she said it was too noisey. 


I am so behind on download photos from my camera & on the blog or fb so beware there is many to come. With the weather being so nice recently its hard not to take pictures of Emma playing outside. Man does she have Spring Fever. She won't even slow down to eat, she is so busy & happy. Breakfast is about the only meal I have been able to consistently get her to eat each day. As for lunch, she has probably only sat down at the table once in the last week or so & at supper she just picks at her food & continually asks if she can go back outside to play.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bye Bye Crib

Yes, today was the day I have been hearing about from other moms that would happen & it finally did. Emma tried to climb out of her crib, once this morning but I caught her in the act & then again at nap time but she hit the floor with a big thud. As soon as I heard the thud I knew what it was & came running. I think she was still in shock, she wasn't even crying yet until I asked her if she was okay. I never found any bumps or bruises on her but she was terrified. She was sweating like crazy, crying so hard she couldn't catch her breath (on the brink of vomiting) & pale as a ghost. After she calmed down she didn't want to get back in her bed so I rocked her until she was almost alseep & then laid her down. 

Then when she got up I told her Daddy was going to make her a "big girl bed" so she wouldn't fall down & go boom & she cried. She just didn't want to talk about it, just thinking about it scared her. Even telling Chris the whole story over supper brought her to tears. She kept saying "stop mommy" & would start crying again. Every time we mentioned her bed she would cry, we weren't sure she would even sleep in it at all tonight. Could she be that traumatized? After supper we took her upstairs to show her the new "big girl bed" & she just cried, "Emma fall down & go boom" over & over. We kept assuring her it was fine now & she would not fall again, finally she agreed to try getting in the bed by herself. She loved it. The first thing she grabbed of course, her pacie. 

Now the test will be if she stays in it too sleep? Will we find her in the floor in the middle of the night? Thankfully she hasn't figured out how to work doorknobs yet, so at least she will be confined to her room, but so are some of her toys. As if we don't have enough trouble getting Emma to sleep no we have to keep her in the "big girl bed." Yes, we have entered another new phase of parenting, hold on it might be bumpy. 

 Last pic of the crib

 "Big girl bed" aka toddler bed

Her pacie & comforter (only at bedtime)

This is the only smile I could get, she wouldn't look at me. 

 "Ta Da"

 She then proceeds to pull all her stuff animals she sleeps with out of the bed & was so proud of herself. 
She could finally reach them without help.

First night in her new "big girl bed"