Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring time soccer

Yesterday was Emma's 1st Pee Wee (3-4 yr olds) soccer game/practice. They didn't really play a game just kicked the ball around & learned some rules of soccer which went pretty well. Now there was some tears shed by Emma, the coaches daughter & one other little girl but Emma recovered & enjoyed herself. 

We are hoping as the weeks go on she will get more & more used to it & can handle being on the field without tears or her Daddy helping out.

After Emma's "game" we went to watch cousin Morgan play. I was quite impressed with her team & couches, no tears + fun learning skill games.

 Notice the girl to Emma's left, look how tall she is. 
She is almost 5 but not old enough to move up the the next age group.

 One of the few times Emma was actually listening to couch Todd.

Emma scores!!

 At the brink of tears.

 All done playing soccer, what's next?

 Morgan dribbling

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sick & Tired of Sickness

So last week I took Emma to the dr after suffering from a bad cold & fever for 4 days & found out she has an ear infection & fluid on one lung. She is still on antibiotics & an inhaler. Then Avery started with a cough on Thursday which turned ugly over the weekend & she was diagnosed with RSV, but only a mild case. 

Avery is just pitiful. Her little cough sounds terrible & she is trying so hard to still be her sweet cheerful self but its taking a toll on her. She is normally a very active, chatty & loud baby but the past few days she has been very quiet, so I knew she didn't feel well. Then yesterday she started eating less & today even less. I am hoping it doesn't turn into something else & I have to take her back to the dr. The dr gave her an inhaler for her wheezing which helps some but she sure does hate it. Poor thing is very droopy today & only wants to be held but thankfully isn't running a fever. Lets hope she gets better real soon, mama is tired of sick babies.