Thursday, October 30, 2008

Induction Set

We are at 40 weeks with no change from last week except an induction date has been set. I haven't dilated anymore, just a fingertip, her heartrate is good, the non-stress test went well & the fluid levels are fine too. We did ask the ultra sound tech to measure her & she estimated her weight to be 8 lbs 6 oz, so she may be close to 9 lbs next week (Oh Boy). We are to go to the hospital next Thursday @ 5:30pm & Dr. Schneider will start inducing me at 7pm. I really thought I would be upset if we didn't go to the hospital today but the doctor explained that it just wasn't in my best interests since my body isn't showing signs of being ready to deliver & he would rather wait. I trust my doctor so I am okay with his plans. I am even more excited that he will be the one inducing me. Now he may not deliver her depending on how long it takes me to dilate but at least he will be there for the beginning.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Voting Done

Beverly, Morgan & I went to early vote today & actually got it done. Believe it or not they will let you sit in your car & vote, if you are unable (handicapped) & can't stand in line. Mama has a handicap tag for her rear view mirror that she used for Daddy & then passed on the Beverly since she had Morgan, so from time to time when Beverly & I we use it. We were not even aware that you could sit in your car & fill out a ballot but this little man came & asked us if we would like to vote when he saw our handicapped tag & we took him up on it. Now granted we were still there 30+ minutes but at least we didn't have to stand in the long lines in cold windy weather with the baby. Now it is all taken care of, we have casted our votes. YEAH!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Early Voting

This afternoon after Chris finished working we attempted to go early vote at the library a few miles down the road. Now Beverly & I attempted this twice on Friday at the Board of Elections in downtown Concord but it was raining, the line was out the door & we had Morgan with us of course. We decided to wait another day so we would have to stand out in the rain with the baby.

So Chris & I tried again today & there was an even longer line. He ended up taking me home since it was really cold out & I wasn't feeling like standing in line for hours. Chris went back & it took him 2 hours to vote. Who would have thought that early voting would have been such a big hit. I will probably continue to try daily to go vote until next week or when Miss Emma comes, which ever comes first.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Last night I think Chris & I both thought it might be time to call the doctor & go to the hospital but Emma decided not quite yet. It had been a pretty busy afternoon with me running errans with Beverly & baby Morgan & then we met up with Mama & Karen to go visit my 91 year old grandmother, Gram. We had a great time & of course Morgan was a sweet baby all day, as always. Then after dinner last night around 9:15 the contractions started & they were 5-6 minutes apart, unfortunately they only lasted for about 45 minutes & then I had my last one around 10:30. After that contraction I took my Ambein, went to slept & woke up to face a new day.

Today we plan to go watch our nieces play soccer, hang the window treatment in Emma's room & hopefully fix our closet that is literally falling apart. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Week 39

There is little progress this week but we do have some. I am dilated 1 fingertip (not quite a cm) & 50% efaced. I was definitely hoping for more & as soon as the doctor left the exam room I broke into tears. He is aware that I am very unhappy still being pregnant & he again told me I could go at anytime. I have tried to be as active as possible to try & move Miss Emma along & maybe that has sparked the little progress I have experienced so far, who knows.

Dr Schneider did tell me he wants to do an ultra sound next week to check the fluid & a non-stress test to make sure Emma & I can handle going past my due date. He said it is always possible that he could just send me across the street to the hospital after he sees the test results & examines me, so we will have to wait & see. He is such a great doctor & always thinking positively to keep my spirits up but this morning it just didn't help. After I got in the car I cried for another 10-15 with Chris sitting beside me trying to console me, but there just isn't any words he can say to help. I just don't want to be a pregnant woman anymore, I want to be a Mom.

Chris did tell me one thing that made me feel a little better. He said maybe Emma is waiting on me to be home before she makes her arrival. Chris is going to be working from home starting next week until she comes & maybe he is right. She is definitely trying to teach me patience & I thought I was a fairly patient person but I guess I have waited so long for this that its driving me crazy.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Shop til you Drop

That is exactly what we did Saturday. Neither of my nieces had soccer games on Saturday & that is how we normally spend our Saturday's is on the ball field watching them play, but instead Beverly decided she wanted to hit the consignment stores. So I called Karen & Mama & they joined us on our venture + Kaylee came too. We hit 3 stores & had a great time. Beverly & I both bought a lot of clothes + we found a bassenet & a pack -n-play for Chris' parents. Last week I realized I didn't have anything to for Emma to rest in during the day & night, all we have is a pack-n-play & crib which are both up stairs. I really wanted to have something downstairs too & we found this bassenet I fell in love with. Not that its beautiful or anything but I just really liked it + you can hide the wheels on the bottom & it becomes a cradle BONUS. So we will keep this in our room & put up the pack-n-play downstairs. Now all we need is a baby, come on Emma.

Friday, October 17, 2008


I finally got some good sleep last night with the help of Ambien. I think I may have slept too hard in fact. I kind of feel like I have a hang over + I am really sad today. My sweet puppy Spencer is trying his best to cheer my up every time I break into tears (for no reason) by jumping in my lap with his smiling face & trying to lick me. I can't help but laugh at him & it does help, what a sweet puppy, thanks buddy. He doesn't allow people to be sad around him if he can help it.

This is a picture of Spencer with one of his favorite toys, his noisy ball. It came from Cracker Barrell & it originally had a wessell attached to it + it runs on batteries running around the room on its own but he just plays soccer with it. We need to video it sometime to show how much he loves it.

Pot Luck Surprise

Yesterday Chris' department at work had a pot luck luck, which they do pretty often but little did he know it was also for him. They gave him a baby shower & he was so excited when he called & told me. After my OB appointment I went by Babies R Us & a consignment store in Pineville with plans to meet Anita & Vicki from the office for lunch. I didn't get anything at BRU but I did find a bouncer at the consignment for $20 & its exactly what I was looking for. I wanted on that either had lights or music along with a rocking/vibrations. The I got has an aquarium attached to the bar thet lights up, plays music & bubbles, score. I also pick up some clothes for Miss Emma too. I discovered over the weekend that she did have very many newborn things so this week I have picked up several things either on sale or from consignment stores.

So after shopping I headed to the office to meet up with Anita & Vicki & we went to eat a Chilil's & had a great time as usual. After lunch I went in the office to see the other girls from TCH & that is when I got the call from Chris about his surprise shower. We got some nice stuff. One of my favorites is a hand knitted hat & blanket that is still to come, she left us note telling us the blanket wasn't quite done yet but I can't wait to see it. I will post a picture of both soon.

Thanks so much Time Warner for the shower, which will be our 4th. We are so thankful to have so many family, friends & coworkers who want to celebrate with us Emma arrival. We can't wait till she gets to enjoy & use all these gifts.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Same Story, Different Day

Today I had my 38 week appointment & if you haven't guessed from the title of this blog, it was pretty uneventful. I have not dilated anymore but I did gain more weight, 2 lbs. My doctor said you really can't go by how dilated you are, he said you could go into labor anytime regardless. I did ask him how long past my due date he would let me go & he said he wouldn't let me go to 42 weeks. He said complications start occurring at 42 so he would induce at 41+. So hearing that made me feel pretty good. I would love to have her now of course but as long as I am not miserable I can continue.

Oh & Chris told him that I haven't been sleeping so he wrote me a script for Ambien. Last night I actually slept very well but it be because I made myself stay up late & I took my Tylenol PM late too hoping it would help. Not sure if it really worked or not but I was very glad to have a full night's sleep.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sleepless in Concord

Yea, that would be me. My contraction may not be forming any type of pattern by my lack of sleep sure is. Every other day since Saturday night I am waking up between 2-4am & I can't go back to sleep. I just lay there wishing or sometimes crying trying to get myself back to sleep. I even take Tylenol PM each night before I go to bed but its almost as if it wears off & I wake up. Dr. Moore offered me Ambien a few weeks ago when I had that really bad week but I declined & told him it was a rare occassion for me to feel bad & not sleep. Tomorrow I just might have to ask Dr. Schneider for something, since last night was another sleepless one. I have even resorted to taking a second dose of Tylenol PM when this occurs which does help me go back to sleep but then I still feel terrible the next day. Last night I told Chris I felt like I may be getting the flu & hopefully its just because I am so tired & that is why my entire body aches.

There is one bright side to this story & its that I am thankful I am not working through the end of my pregnancy, especially since I am not sleeping. Our dear Lord does work in mysterious ways. I truly believe he is watching over Emma & I.

Monday, October 13, 2008


This afternoon I had to go back to the OB for a preeclampsia check & everything was fine, except I have gained 4 lbs since Thursday. Luckily Dr. Zerkle said its most likely water weight but its still something I didn't want to hear. He was a little concerned about my swelling as they all have been so I have to go back again on Thursday & I get to see my doctor, YEAH.
I also went shopping today for nursing pjs, clothes for Emma & a bouncer but all I came home with was clothes for me. I found some really good buys & a few things for Emma I may go back to get but tomorrow I plan to hit the consignment store down the road from our house.

Another Good One

We had another really good weekend after the small scare from Miss Emma on Friday morning. I already had plans to go with my sister, baby Morgan, my cousin Trisha & her 15 month old little boy to visit our grandmother for lunch. Thursday was her 91st birthday & we wanted to visit her for a belated celebration & we all had a great time. I had originally planned on taking my camera but with the excitement of the morning it kind of slipped my mind. Above is the most recent picture I have of Gram & my Mom 4 weeks ago at the hospital with 1 day old Morgan.

Then after lunch Karen, my oldest sister & I stopped by one of the consignment stores we neither one of us purchased a thing. I am looking for a bouncer & she is searching for a car seat base, our searches continue.

Saturday was a pretty busy day in our house. Chris left really early to go help his parents move some things into storage & had a baby shower for a friend to attend + I had cooking to do for our church picnic later that afternoon. The shower started at 1pm so I left before Chris came home & he left before I returned so he could play ball at the church picnic. Unfortunately I didn't get to the picnic until 6pm (the shower ran really late) so I missed seeing everyone playing softball but I hear they all had a great time. even baby Morgan was in attendance. The picnic was a lot of fun & of course ended with me having contractions as we were walking to the car. I only had a few but they were pretty strong.

Saturday night was not a good one for me at all, since I had trouble sleeping & I am not sure why. I wasn't uncomfortable or in pain, just awake from 2-5am. I did finally cry myself to sleep from exhaustion but I felt terrible on Sunday morning of course. I had several strong contractions while at church Sunday morning but again nothing in a pattern or enough to call the OB but of course I was crying by the time services were over due to being extremely tired + in pain. I only had 1 more contraction the rest of day right after lunch so my hopes that this weekend was going to be it did not happen. I take a nap Sunday afternoon but it wasn't quite enough to help me feel myself. Last night I slept great & I feel much more like myself today.

Friday, October 10, 2008

A Small Scare

This morning I got a bit worried that I wasn't feeling any movement from little Emma so I gave Chris a call at work. It was 10am & I had already had breakfast + 2 glasses of OJ which normally wakes her up but not a peep out of her. So I call the doctor's office & left a message for the OB nurse (they have to call you back). Then Chris called my oldest sister Karen & she came over to take me to the doctor. We waited 45 minutes & finally the nurse called back & offered to let me come in so they could check for a fetal heartrate after she heard I had already drank OJ but Emma didn't respond. We got to the dr's office & Chris was waiting for me & about to go crazy. The nurse took us back & at first her heartrate was 120, which was lower than yesterday & Dr. Clarke didn't like it in the 120's, so the nurse checked it again. The second time it was 128 & I was starting to feel her move a little. Then she checked it one more time & it was up to 156 which was great. Chris & I both teared up when we heard her strong heartbeat.

We told the nurse we were in the office yesterday & Dr. Clarke put me on a preeclampsia watch & that was why we were concerned that she wasn't moving (it was one of the things the doctor told me to look out for). So the nurse checked my blood pressure too & it was much better today 120/78 which is normal for me. It was a very emotional morning but we are so glad everything turned out okay. Chris said Emma is grounded when she is born for scaring him to death.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

3 Weeks & Counting

This morning was my 37 week OB appointment & we saw a new doctor who just started at my office last week & we liked her very much. She is young, peppy & very proactive. She has put me on a preeclampsia watch. My blood pressure was too high, she didn't like the swelling in my feet/ankles, I have been having blurred vision & Emma's heartrate was much lower than normal. My proteins were good & my weight didn't increase from last week so she was happy with those results.

Unfortunately I am not any closer to deliver Emma than I was last week. I am still 75% efaced with no dilation but I do have a few contractions per day just not enough to progress me any further. So I have to go back Monday afternoon to be checked again as a precaution. So now I am wondering if they will end up having to enduce me, either for preeclampsia reasons or because I am past due. I guess time will tell.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Bras

Now I know this may be TMI but I felt like I just had to share my new bra purchases. I went to Motherhood Maternity today to get fitted for new bras, the ones I bought 2-3 months ago are getting snug & I knew I would need more once I start breastfeeding. Would you believe I purchased "E" cup bras, I was giggling while in the dressing room. Just the idea of my in an "E" is amazing, normall I am a "C." I knew they had grown & that there was more to come once I started nursing but I wasn't prepared for that at all.

Now all I have to do is wash them & put them in my hospital bag. Its getting really close & I must say I am ready but also a little scared about labor/delivery.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Visiting Friends

Today I met to friends I used to work with at the old office, Stephanie & Varsha to help them with some computer software issues. It was really great to see them. I have spoken to them several times over email but it has probably been at least 2 years since I have seem them both. Varsha is from India & made us lunch with authentic Indian food which was great.

After eating I headed to see Anita from the office, today is her birthday. I ate cake with the girls stayed for a while & headed back home. Today has been another good day, but I am tired.

A Great Day!!!

That was what Sunday was, just a great day. Morgan went to church for the first time & she was just perfect. I got to feed her during services & held her the entire time. She was awake & hardly made a peep. After church we went to Mama's to have lunch & to celebrate Morgan's homecoming from the hospital. Chris went to the Panthers game with several guys from church & my brother-in-law was out of town working & we think my brother, Michael was at the Panthers game as well so it was just the girls of the family. We had a great time. Morgan has brought so much joy to our family, which has been overdue for sometime & we just can't seem to get enough of her. She is such a sweet baby. Here are some picture of our afternoon.

Here is my oldest niece Kaylee (12) & baby Morgan. Aren't they both just beautiful. I can't believe how old & grown up Kaylee is.

This is Caroline (10) & Morgan with her paci she loves.

Here is Aunt Karen (Kaylee & Caroline's Mom), Morgan & our dog Spencer. They were trying to keep him from licking Morgan. He did get in one or two on her little head. He loves baby Morgan. Its good practice for him for when Emma arrives.

Morgan & Spencer

Saturday, October 4, 2008

BreastFeeding & Car Seats

Today we went to our breastfeeding class & I really enjoyed it. I was afraid the instructor would be just as annoying as our Child Birthing Class instructor but this lady was a lot of fun.Now granted there wasn't much she told us that I didn't know already but I am very glad we went.

After lunch we went to Babies R Us to purchase a shower gift for some friends who are having a shower next Saturday & we picked up a few things for ourselves too. We also went to the fire station later in the afternoon to have our car seat installed. I know feel like a real Mommy & I can't wait to place Emma in the car for the first time.

A Good Buy, Sadness

After my OB appointment I headed to Marshall's on a mission to find this diaper bag I spotted the day before at another location, but it had a hole in it while Chris headed off to work. Luckily I found the diaper bag & purchased it for only $18. Now there really isn't anything extra special about this bag except I was pretty sure it was one Chris would be willing to carry (not girly) & we needed one that was a little larger. Thankfully he liked the bag once he saw it & now we don't have to purchase the expensive ones we registered for at Babies R Us.

The rest of my day was not as good as my morning. For some unknown reason, call it hormones or whatever, I pretty much cried & ate the rest of the day. I was so tired & sad but I have no idea why. Every time I would get myself together & stop crying the tears would start to fall again. I even tried to take a nap & I couldn't sleep so, guess what that caused more tears. I did finally stop crying about an hour after Chris came home & thankfully today is a better day.

Friday, October 3, 2008

36 Week Appointment

Well we found out today that I am 75% efaced but no dilation. Dr. Moore said most women are usually dilated at least 1 cm at 75% so he suspects I will start dilating soon. He told me the sharp pains I have been feeling are my pelvis moving/opening up to make room for the baby to drop & pass through & not a part of contractions. He said the cramps that are accompaning the sharp pains probably are contractions & that is to be expected at 36 weeks. He also said its not that abnormal to suddenly start feeling bad when I have felt so good through out the pregnancy & its totally normal at 36 weeks. He said I am progressing as normal & baby Emma is still head down. He also said my lack of sleep has nothing to do with how bad I feel either, which was what I thought, its just part of being 36 weeks pregnant & nearing the end.

We go back next Thursday to see a new doctor they just added to the practice & we will now be going every week. We should also get the Strep B culture results.

Just as a side note, I am feeling pretty good today. I am pretty tired but not sore or uncomfortable like I have been earlier this week.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Look, New Name

I finally got it to work. I have tried several times to change my background & this is the one I have picked for now but I am sure I will change it again soon. I was actually going to wait until little Emma was born before I changed the title of my blog but I went ahead & did all the changes at the same time. For those who may not know Byrd is our last name & I thought this title would be really cute, but if anyone has any other suggestions feel free to throw them out.

Happy Anniversary

Yes today marks 9 years with my lovely husband Chris. We had agreed earlier this year, even before I was laid off from my job that we weren't going to exchange presents, but he broke the rules like he normally does + he gave me my present early. He got me a gift certificate to get a massage & he gave it to me Monday night. Bless his heart, each night this week when he has come home from work I end up in tears from being extremely tired & not feeling well. I have been having cramps & some contractions in the late afternoon & evenings which really make me feel pretty bad. I have been in the bed each night by 7:30 or 8:00pm. I am sure the lack of sleep I have been getting at night isn't helping matters either. I plan to take it easy today & even take a nap so maybe I can at least make it through our anniversary without tears. We are planning on going to dinner when he gets home from work at a nice Chinese restuarant we haven't been to in years.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Morgan Goes Home

This afternoon Morgan was discharged from the hospital. The surgeon came in early this morning & removed the packing from the surgery site & said everything looked great. The culture results came back & said there was no major infection just some bacteria so they switched her to Augmentin instead of the heavy antibiotics she was on. The surgeon did want Morgan to stay at the hospital for a few hours to make sure she didn't have any reaction to her new meds & she didn't so we left with her around 2:30pm.

Morgan & Mama Beverly are home now & very tired but glad to be out of the hospital. Last night was a rough night, baby Morgan was up all night with a possible upset tummy & finally fell asleep at 4:30am. We are suspecting all the antibiotics probably upset Morgan's tummy just like they do with adults but that is the only issue we have seen. They have a follow-up appointment tomorrow morning at the Pediatrian's office.