Thursday, September 29, 2011

County Fair 2011

So I am a bit behind on blogging due to the arrival of our new addition coming soon & Emma being sick & hospitalized but we will discuss that one later. 

We took Emma to the county fair again this year & even though it was chilly & rainy we all had a great time. We ran out of tickets before Emma got to ride all that she wanted but we actually found some & Aunt Beverly shared hers too. I think Emma's favorite was the helicopters & the carousel but the batteries on our camera died so we didn't get as many pics as we would have liked. Here are the best ones.

Emma once again was not a fan of feeding animals at the petting zoo unless it was out of a cup, but she did like seeing them. She apparently doesn't like being licked by them. 

 This is a very cool sand sculpture that was on display from the back side.

 Talking to the goats.

 Yes, I still have my black eye.

 Feeding the goats from a cup.

 Attempting again to feed a sheep from her hand & she didn't not like it at all.

 Look at this sweet llama face.

 In the helicopters with Chris.

 Uncle Bob & cousin Morgan on the trucks.

 Blurring Chris, Emma & Uncle Bob on the trucks.
 Morgan climbing. (Did you notice how Emma & Morgan are dressed the same, pure accident)

 On the roller coaster

Morgan getting on the motorcycles.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

We Are Expecting...

a baby girl thru adoption & are over joyed. We have waited so long to be matched with a birthmother & it officially happened on Thursday evening. Rachel. the birth mother, is living in Hawaii where she is mobilized working in the Army Reserves PT & a Respiratory Therapist at a local hospital. She had a long list of preferences for the adoptive family she wanted & we met every single one, including active members of the Church of Christ & a stay-at-home mom. She is due Oct 27th so we only have 5.5 weeks till the big day, so we have lots to do. I have already washed all the newborn & 0-3 months baby clothes, blankets, bibs, burb clothes... now all we need to do is prepare her room. We went & looked at furniture Friday night & picked some out. We also need to move Chris a desk into our room which will require us purchasing a new one & tearing down our current office. So as you can see, we will be very busy the next few weeks.

Emma at first wasn't too keen on the idea until we told her she can feed her, help rock her to sleep, give her a pacie & then she started to like the whole "big sister" idea. She has never liked being around "real" babies but loves her baby dolls so we will see how this really play out once we bring her home.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Morning at the Park

Tuesday was my youngest niece Morgan's actual birthday & Karen wanted to do something a little special for her, so we took the girls to the park. I must say, they had a great time. It is so funny how different these to are especially when it comes to confidence & strength. Emma is so timid at the park & rarely will go down the slides without assistance & Morgan just goes from one to another freely. Morgan tries to encourage her to help her along & sometimes that work. Thanks Morgan for being her big cousin (not really, they are only 8 wks apart), when she needs it. I think they had the most fun running through the grass and looking for acorns than playing on the playground but that is fine too.

 Coming back from a brief run in the grass 

 Emma & Karen on the tire swing

 Morgan searching for acorns.

 Emma came to help & stored them in a boat she found in the playground.

 Emma on the curvy slide which she would only sit or climb on, not slide down.

 Morgan on the tunnel slide

One last slide for Morgan

Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Black Eye

Sunday night after church Emma & Morgan were playing with Uncle Bob & the girls had a collision. During said collision, Morgan's head met Emma's face giving Emma a black eye almost instantly. I am not sure which child cried more Emma who was the wounded one or Morgan who got scared while Emma was crying, it was almost comical, almost.

So as most bruises do, it has got black & blueir each day but doesn't seem to bother her, but it did look pretty bad. Her eye is still swollen but starting to turn a bit green, so I think I getting better. It always makes us, as parents, feel bad to go out in public when Emma has a major wound. Do people wonder, what in the world happen to that little girl? Weren't her parents watching her? Well kids will be kids & unfortunately they get hurt & hopefully those on the outside looking in will remember that.

 The night of the collision with Morgan's head

 The next day

Two days later

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Morgan's 3rd birthday

Saturday we celebrated Morgan's birthday + Karen & Michael's birthday which were in August. Morgan was one excited little girl. She totally into princesses right now & that was the theme of her birthday. 

 Emma helping pass out presents

 The present Morgan opened a little early that Emma gave her, oops.

 The cousins

 Uncle Michael & Morgan coloring

 Cousin Caroline put Emma's hair up & here is a close-up. Wish her eyes weren't closed

 Opening the guitar

 Uncle Bob showing Morgan how to hold the guitar & Emma is helping too.

 Jam Morgan

 I think she's a natural

 Uncle Bob's turn to jam

 Uncle Michael & the little girls


 Dancing in her dress up shoes

 Emma is trying it out too.

 All dressed up as a princess

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Last weekend we went to the beach & had a great time. The weather was perfect, not to hot, no rain & breezy. I think Emma is getting braver ever time we go. She kept venturing off to the ocean all by herself. She especially loves the "surf board" (aka boogie board) & just sitting in the shallow waves.

Our little surfer girl. 

Emma & cousin Kaylee

Helping cousin Caroline & her cousin Zackery dig a big hole.

Time to try out this hole. Can you see the top of Emma's head in the center of the pic? 

I think I need help getting out of here

 Can I play bouchee too?

I got a ball now, whose team am I on?

 My turn

Hanging out in the waves

Look at that smile, this little girl loves the beach