Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Springtime fun

We have been spending a lot time outside lately since the weather has been so nice. Emma will ask me as she is still eating breakfast, "go outside now". She loves playing outside especially since she has some new toys to enjoy. She still loves her golf clubs from Daddy & Friday before we went to the beach Grammy & Paw Paw brought her a sand/water table. We haven't added any water yet since she is really enjoying just playing in the sand & she can't seem to keep the sand on the proper side. We may add water later. She also got a chance to write/draw with her new sidewalk chalk from the Easter bunny before we packed up the car & headed home from the beach.

 Playing golf

 "I go under"

 "This blue one is for you Mommie"

 "I do it myself"

 New butterfly shaped sidewalk chalk

 Cousin Morgan shared hers too.

 Add in some beach toys

 My new sand/water table

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

The little girls were really excited about the Easter Bunny coming & their baskets full of goodies on Easter morning. I must admit the Easter Bunny do go little over board on Emma but most of her things were $1 or less (you gotta love Target $1 bins & using coupons on candy). I think her favorite thing has been her new mini Easter Barbie, Mickey bubbles & sidewalk chalk.

Emma's Easter Basket of goodies

She loved these carrots filled with Reese's Pieces & Abby Cadabby socks.

 Pictures after morning services @ Myrtle Beach CofC

 Picking dandalions, which she later ate while we were in the car.

 Love this one

 Emma & the big girls, Kaylee & Caroline

Easter at the beach

As usual we headed to Mama's beach house for Easter &  had a great time. Thankfully nobody got a stomach virus this time, but I came down a bad case of allergies & an upper respiratory infection. I was really hoping being at the beach would help my allergies, but no such luck. I headed to the dr on Monday & hope to have it cleared out soon w/the meds he gave me.

The water was really cold, from what I was told, I never put even a toe in but it was great to look at. We were actually on the beach for several hours & of course I got burnt as usual even with spf 50 but I will survive.

 The big girls, Kaylee & Caroline in the ocean

 Yes, that is me in the bkgrd wrapped up in a towel. 
It was a bit chilly until the sun came out.

 Cousin Morgan

 Morgan watering the seaweed & Emma getting more water.

 Emma trying out Morgan's surf board, that is what they kept calling it.

 Morgan pouring water on Kaylee's head.

 Playing in the hole Kaylee & Caroline made.

Easter Egg Dying 2011

So I thought it would be great to let Emma & Morgan dye Easter eggs while we were at the beach so I brought a kit with us. Much to our surprise there was very little spillage & they loved it. I only wish we had more eggs for them (several of them cracked while boiling), one dozen didn't seem to be enough. I guess they will have to wait till next yr to do more. 

Neither of the girls eat boiled eggs so we ended up throwing them away after they went to bed while the Easter Bunny was preparing his baskets of goodies.

 Emma of course choose pink for her 1st egg.

 Morgan wanted blue

 "My finger is dirty", she is such a girl.

 Priceless reaction, but totally Morgan. 

 Admiring the finished products.