Sunday, June 10, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

We took our normal long weekend to the beach for Memorial Day & had a great time, as always. The trip really seemed to wipe Avery out. She took 3 hr morning naps & slept late every morning while we were there. She is normally an early riser, 5:45-6:00am every morning, so it was great to sleep in a little.

Emma has been dying to get a "surf board" aka boggie board so we got her one while we were there & she had a blast riding it. This was Avery's first time playing on the sand & she had a blast too. She wasn't very fond of the ocean but neither was Emma until she was at least 2, so there is a lot more time for her to get used to it.

Oddly enough, both our girls learned how to sit up at the beach. Emma learned when she was 9 months & Avery learned at 7 months. Avery does still fall over from time to time but she loves being a big girl & sitting/playing.

 Avery's 1st time playing in the sand.


 I love this one of Emma spinning.

One happy little girl with her new "surf board". 

 Avery's 1st time in the pool.