Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weight Check

On Friday Emma had a weight check with her pedi & Dr K said she looked great. She weighs 22 lbs, 10 oz & is 32.5 in tall. We were really hoping we could start weening Emma off of Pediasure since is so expensive but Dr. K wants her to stay on it since Emma doesn't eat very much. She also said we need to put Emma back on a multi-vitamin since she doesn't eat much meat. She took Emma off of it for a while because she was drinking 24-32 oz of Pediasure a day but now she drinks around 16 oz so Dr. K wants to make sure she gets enough iron in her diet.

Emma also got a booster shot while we were there which the nurse said would give her a sore arm. The rest of the day Emma kept saying "elbow off, hurt." She does have a big knot on her arm so I am sure it does hurt, poor baby.

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