Friday, June 10, 2011

Annual Cardio Appointment

On Monday we took Emma for her annual cardio check-up & I must say she was scared from the moment we walked in the door & the receptionist spoke to her. The poor thing knows that place all to well but she did okay considering how scared she was.

They did an EKG, then Dr. O came in to listen to her & then he told us he was hearing something different + seeing something on her EKG, so he definitely wanted to do an echo. She of course wasn't happy to go in the echo room once she saw the table she is suppose to lay on so the tech said I could hold her & they played "Elmos Goes to Grouchland" for her to watch during the echo. Of course they always let her watch a video of some kind but this one of her favs which helped a lot.

After the echo Dr. O came in to review the images & at this point I am always very nervous. He told us he saw some leakage in her tricuspid valve which concerned him. Now she has always had some leakage but it has gotten a little worse since the last echo she had. He also found a tiny leak on one of her patches which is not a big deal right now, but he will continue to watch it. But with the leaky valve he wants to see her back in 6 months to take another look to see if there is any change. Depending on what he finds in Dec he may order a sedated echo or echo scope to get better images. 

Now of course this was not the news we were hoping for & I started crying immediately. I really thought/hoped we were done with bad news about Emma's heart, but hers in such a rare case you just never know. Dr. O did continue to tell us that its not huge leak but more than he would like to see so he wants to keep a watch on her. Gotta love Dr. O & how he takes care of our Emma. He also told us that worst case is she would need surgery to repair her valve but we are no where near that, he was just keeping us informed. 

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