Thursday, June 4, 2009

Back on Meds

Over the last 2 weeks we noticed Emma's feeding starting to decline & her desire to eat was declining as well. Then over the weekend we notice her retraction on her throat again. Dr. O, her cardiologist told us to be on the look out for these signs plus some others & if they occurred to give him a call. Well I called this morning after struggling with her to eat a bottle & her cereal then the nurse had me come in this afternoon.

One of the first things they always check is her weight & unfortunately she has lost 8 oz since she was there 2 weeks ago. When Dr. O came in he asked when things started to change & it was almost right after he took her off of the Lasix so he put her back on it. Her respirations were higher than they should be so her little body was burning too much calories again. They also did an echo/ultra sound while we were there & the band still looked good she just needs the Lasix help her body not work as hard.

We go back for a follow up in 2 weeks & Dr. O was very glad we came in. I was hesitant & thought maybe I was being an over protective mother but he reassured me I did the right thing, especially since we found out she had lost weight. He also told me we need to continue waking her up at night to eat which we were hoping to stop but he said we need to get her back on track first.

This is Emma taking a bath yesterday before church. Her Daddy couldn't resist. Look at those big blue eyes.


Mimi said...

Beautiful eyes!!! Hope things will be better really soon. Go with your instincts, Angie, and you will 95% of the time see that you were right!!! Keep us posted!!

Kristi said...

I can't believe how big she is getting. That stinks about the Lasix, but it won't be forever. At least it really helps this time! She is just beautiful!