Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First Beach Trip

Our beach trip started off a little interesting when Mama, Beverly & Morgan got the beach house first to discover we had no water. We found out soon after there had been a water leak a few months ago & the city turned Mama's water off but never informed her of it. We found this out from Mr. Ed, her neighbor. So we borrowed water from Mr. Ed & bought some gallons of water to hold us over until a plumber came to fix it on Saturday morning. It was a interesting night but the plumber was there by 10am, fixed the problem & was gone in 30 minutes. Apparently a tree root pulled the pipes apart & it was an easy fix.

We all had a great time with the babies at the beach but I must say we are all very tired. It is truely exhausting traveling with babies but they both did great. Emma is trying to sit up & rolled over several times while we were there. She even woke us up early Saturday morning & she was on her tummy but not very happy about it.

I wish I had taken a picture of this, but since the bedroom we normally sleep in is a little small we put Emma's pack n play in our closet & she slept great in there. We felt a little guilty putting in there but once she would fall asleep we opened the door so she wasn't so confined.
Emma wasn't as excited to on the beach as her cousin Morgan but she did get down & play a little. When we would put Emma's feet in a puddle of water, she would pick her feet up. If we tried to cover Emma's feet up with sand she would shake off the sand. As you will see in the picture below, Morgan was thrilled to be there & had a great time.

Emma & Chris at Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Emma snoozing on the beach. She really can't hang without her naps.

Emma playing in the sand with Aunt Karen.

Emma playing with her beach toys.

Cousing Morgan playing in the sand and water.

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