Friday, July 10, 2009

Family Fun

We got back from the beach early Thursday morning & we all had a great time. Emma & Morgan spent a lot of time playing in the floor & on the beach with their big cousins. Kaylee & Caroline really had a great time with the babies & were a great help in entertaining them so we could take showers, fix meals or whatever.

While we were at the beach Emma turned 8 months old & she can now sit up on her own & sort small obects. She is such a busy little baby now. I have started giving her a cup (water only for now), but she still isn't quite sure what to do with it yet. She also tried peas for the first time & she wasn't very fond of them. At first the made her gag as if she was going to throw up but the next feeding when she at them she did much better. Morgan is almost 10 months old & she just started pulling up to a standing position, which she is very proud of. Morgan is also saying "bye, bye" now. These babies are growing up so fast & what a joy they bring to our lives.

Morgan & Emma playing. Notice Morgan pointing, its one of her new tricks.

Emma playing in the sand

Me & my sweet baby girl

Morgan checking out Emma after she finished breakfast

Emma on the beach chewing on her boat


just Deh said...

she is veri beriful

Kristi said...

Morgan looks so much like Beverly! Wow! Glad you guys had fun...