Friday, January 8, 2010

Sharing My Husbands Thoughts

So last night Chris told me about this belated New Years email he sent out to some friends & he got several responses saying it made them cry (women of course). So I was a bit intriged & wanted to read it too. It is most likely a side of Chris that his friends have not seen or even known of, thats to bad for them. Here is the words from my lovely husband, unedited.
For those of you that truly know me, you know that I never make New Year’s resolutions. But I had an insightful event with Emma a few days ago that helped me arrive at an idea/concept that I want to run with this year. Let’s call it a “ Mission ” rather than a resolution!!

A few nights ago, Emma starting crying pretty loudly around 1:30am. It was Angie’s night to take care of Emma but I decided to take care of her this time since I knew Angie was physically exhausted. For those of you that have (or have had) babies you know that there are only a handful of things that could be wrong at 1:30 in the morning. They’re pretty much limited to a dirty diaper, lost pacifier, hunger, or simply needing attention. So I walk down the hallway to her room, open her door, and find her standing up in her crib holding the rail with one hand and reaching for me with the other. I changed her diaper first to make sure the obvious was taken care of. Then I decided to take her downstairs and give her a bottle to scratch another one off the list.
For all accounts, it was pitch black downstairs when I was feeding her except for the miniscule amount of light that was sneaking in through the blinds. It was enough light though to let me see her smiling from ear to ear after she nearly finished the entire bottle!! Not a word was said or sound was made but her smile told me everything I needed to know. Despite all that she has been through this past year….at this particular moment, this small ripple of time, her world was right! She had clean garments, a full belly, and the warm arms of someone who loved her more than anything in the world wrapped tightly around her.

And that’s where I got the idea for my 2010 Mission ……to live in the present. The past describes you, the future predicts you, but the present defines you. Or said another way, the past is unchangeable, the future is unstoppable, but the present is moldable, it’s flexible, it’s transformable. You can choose what you do next and how you react to it RIGHT NOW. Does this mean I’m going to just “wing it” this year?? Of course not! I’m going to plan where it makes sense to plan and forgive (or forget) the past where it makes sense to forgive (or forget). But the bulk of my effort and energy this year needs to be focused on living in the present.

I don’t know what the future holds for Emma but I do know that right now her world is right. Her heart is looking great, her feedings are fantastic, she is developing exactly as she should be, and her parents arms are never more than a few feet or few cries away.

So for 2010, I wish you and yours a healthy and prosperous New Year! May your garments be clean. May your bellies be full. May you have the arms of someone who loves you wrapped tightly around you or yours around them!


Kristi said...

What a thoughtful post. Tell Chris he is quite the writer... perhaps he should start his own blog!

Ashley said...

I love this post. Your husband so clearly states what is so important.

angie said...

I have always known he was a thoughtful man (one of the reasons I married him) but I haven't ever seen him write quite like this. I will share your thoughts with him.

Erica said...

That was well-said and well-written.