Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Believe it or not

Our little Emma Grace is 2 months old today. Looking at her everyday I sometimes have a hard time noticing that she is growing right before my very eyes except most of her newborn clothes are too small now. Which you would think that would be a good thing but her 0-3 clothes are too big, they swallow her whole & look silly on her. Either there is a lot of chubby/long babies out there or Emma is just a petite little girl. The waist in her pants don't even touch her body so she is mostly wearing one piece body suits or oneies.

She hasn't had her 2 month check-up yet (its next week) but as of this past Friday at her sick visit to the doctor she weighed 9 lbs, 10 oz. She is cooing & smiling more & more each day, which we love. My favorite part of the day is when she is ready to get up & I am greeting her in the morning, she gives me a big smile.

Here are 2 of the best pictures I could get of her this morning of her smiling. They just don't do her pretty smile justice.


Kristi said...

What a sweet smile! You could just eat her up!

Erica said...

2 months! Wow! Hope you're feeling better Emma.

Did you switch formula? I've heard of people having success switching formula/bottles/nipples or even positions. Some babies just like to eat sitting up I guess.

angie said...

Erica, we did end up switching formula & she seems to be eating much better now. Her doctor was pretty happy with her weight last Friday but totally brushed off the idea that the formula had anything to do with it.

Erica said...

P.S. I believe you over the doc any day :)I love doctors, but mommas are the ultimate authority in my book!

And I think she looks great!