Monday, February 23, 2009


MUSC Children's Hospital called last Wed. to schedule Emma's surgery. It will be Thursday, March 26, but of course we don't know what time yet, hopefully early in the morning since she will have to fast for 8 hours. We do have to go down on Tuesday since she will have 4-5 hours of pre-op on Wed. morning & we will also get to meet the surgeon who will be working on Emma. We have also been put on a waiting list to stay in the Ronald McDonald house while we are there, which would help a lot with the expenses since we will be there at least 1 week.
Emma also went for her RSV shot on Wed & she weighed 10 lb, 13 oz, so she gained 9 oz in 2 weeks. We are very glad that she is continuing to gain but her Pediatrician is still concerned that she isn't gaining at the rate she should be. Emma does have a follow up appointment with her Pediatrician & Cardiologist next week so we can discuss her weight issues with them both then.


So very blessed said...

I just wanted to let you know Kristi Busby has been keeping our Ladies Class updated about little Emma. Bless your hearts! I can't imagine what you guys are going through. Please know that you are in my prayers! You have a beautiful little girl!

Karen Clifton
Montgomery, Al

Kristi said...

Did you get the e-mail from Kim? I'm sure that the church there would be happy to organize food and lodging for you guys. It should help on the expenses a lot!

angie said...

Yes I got the message from Kim but I haven't responded back to her yet. Only one parent is allowed to stay with Emma once she is moved out of ICU so we haven't really decided what we are going to do about lodging quite yet.

Erica said...

Yeah, she gained weight!

Thinking about how hard those chubby cheeks are working wears me out, she's going to get all fixed up and be ready to run!