Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Too Pooped to Blog

Not only have I been pooped but Emma has kept me pretty busy. She finally became more like herself on Monday but being at the hospital has definitely left its mark. She is very cautious of anymore other than myself or Chris, she is sleeping lighter & if she wakes up & not sure of where she is, she screams.
Today we went to the pediatrician for a weight check & she gained 7 ounces in a week. She is now a whopping 11 lbs, 13 oz & Dr. K was pleased. Dr. K would like to see Emma eat more, right now she is averaging 18 oz a day of the 27 calorie mixed formula & she is hoping for something closer to 24 oz a day. Ironically she still has 2 feeding left today & she should take in over 20 ounces. I told Emma earlier if she eats really good the rest of the night that tomorrow we would go get her a prize.
Dr. K mentioned sending Emma to see a GI doctor to see if they had any suggestions or could help her eat any better, so we may be going to him them soon. She still has some feedings that are really hard with fighting & crying, yesterday every feeding was bad. Her volume yesterday was good but it took her 45 minutes or so to eat 3 oz. & we were hoping we were done with all the fighting.
One more milestone, Emma slept in her own bed in her room today during her nap. Yes, believe it or not that is the first time she has ever slept in her room. We have been too scared to have her in another room at night + she still fits in her bassinet since she is under weight. I have been trying to talk her Daddy into letting her start sleeping in her room now but he still wants her with us. We are still waking her up every 4 hours at night to feed & that does make it much easier but I think she would be more comfortable in a big bed. Maybe Daddy will change his mind soon.


Kristi said...

Don't let your jaw hit the floor - I think that Brooks was 7 months old when we put him in his own room. I just liked having him in ours! It wasn't like he was in the bed with us. Yeah, Kate was in her bed by 10 weeks. I was so worried about doing things "right". Now I know that you should do what is best.

angie said...

I know what you mean about doing things "right". Right now the struggle is to get Emma on some kind of schedule. Her naps are very inconsistent but she goes to sleep at night very well. We just have to keep working on it.