Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Emma was discharged yesterday afternoon & we are all very glad to be home. We are all extremely tired, even our dog, Spencer who stay with the in-laws is pooped.
Emma's feeding started picking up while we were in the hospital & she gained 8.5 ounces according to the hospital scales, which is the most she has ever gained in a week. Now today she hasn't been eating very well & is really fussy but we are hoping she is just having a bad day & doesn't feel well. I have pretty much been holding her all day & that hasn't always helped, poor baby. I feel so bad for her. Thank goodness we have pain meds & Tylenol for her, I can't imagine how bad she would feel without them.
We had to follow up with her peditrician this morning & Dr. K. was very pleased with Emma's weight gain & that she is breathing easier. She said we will need to continue waking Emma up during the night every 4 hours to try & get her on track with her weight. She also wants to continue the high calorie diet which will also help her gain weight. She should gain pretty fast since we are not fighting against her body burning off too many calories.
Tomorrow we have a follow up with her cardiologist & I can't wait to hear what he thinks.