Wednesday, September 23, 2009

On the move

Its official, Emma is crawling & I must say our dog Spencer isn't happy about it at all. She loves Spencer & our 3 cats but I must say they don't share the same feelings towards her. Emma is constantly wanting to pet Spencer & play with his toys, which consist of stuff animals that squeak & balls. Spencer has been pretty depressed & grouchy since her crawling began. We are trying to teach Emma to leave him alone so he doesn't bite her. It looks as if our hopes of Emma & Spencer being buddies may have been just that a hope.
Is is feeling better but she still isn't sleeping very well, at night or during the day. I am guessing its her teething that is bothering her, but she has been doing this for about a month or 2 now. She fights for 20-30 minutes going to sleep at night & for her naps + she isn't sleeping through the night anymore. My oldest sister told me that babies change & become more aware at 9-10 months & their sleeping patterns sometimes change. I sure wish her sleeping patterns would settle back down, I am tired & need some sleep.
Emma's therapy went really well on Monday. The therapist is now working on helping Emma gain strength to pull herself & stand. At first I wasn't real happy about this but after much thought & conversations with my sister & Chris they have help me relize this is for Emma best interest. I was afraid maybe the therapist was moving too fast & that Emma would be walking really soon but it did take Emma 4 weeks of therapy before she started to crawl & she has been trying on her own for a month or longer. Plus walking is a more difficult task to master & she has a lot of upper body strength to gain before she can begin pulling herself up properly. The therapist also started teaching Emma how to hold onto furniture & walk but Emma didn't seem to like it or be ready, she cried. One final thing they worked on was crawling up stairs, which I totally objected to. I pretty much told the therapist I would not be encouraging Emma to do that at home. I do not want her crawling up the stairs, or at least not anytime soon.

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