Saturday, October 31, 2009

In a room

Emma is doing so good. She was moved out of PCICU Friday afternoon & into her own room. A surgeon (not the one who did Emma's surgery) removed her chest tube drain a few hours ago. I had to sit across the room & not watch since I get really quizzy with medical stuff. She did scream of course when it was pulled but since they gave her morphin before the procedure she calmed right back down. It of course still broke my heart & made me cry.
We found out last night from one of the nurses on the floor (who was working in PCICU while Emma was there) that Emma rolled over on her tummy & tried to sit up Thursday night. That of course is a no no since she still had in her lines & chest tubes. I kept asking the doctors & nurses what would happen if she tried to roll on her tummy or sit up & they kept telling me she would probably be too sore to do that, but they don't know our Emma. Now that she is able to roll over, sit up. crawl & pull up she is ready to move. Now the real test will be how she will be once we get home during her post-op period.

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