Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shots & more

Today Emma had an appointment to get her first RSV shot of the season & to our surprise she was also able to get a flu shot. The ped's office did announce last week that they wouldn't have any more flu vaccines until mid/late Nov. which meant Emma wouldn't get one before going to Charleston for her surgery & that worried me a little until I found out she was able to get her RSV shot. Then while we were in the office this morning one of the nurses told Dr. F that a small shipment of infant flu vaccines just came in, so Emma got one. YEAH!!!

We were also happy and surprised to find out that Emma now weighs 17 lbs, 12 oz. She has gained a lb in a month which is great. Her last weight gain was only 9 oz in a month in a half, so we are just thrilled.

Emma is pulling up on everything & tonight she crawled up 2 of the stairs trying to get to our cat, Zoie (she loves her pets, even Spencer who growls at her). Chris was sitting right beside her while she did it so there was no chance of her falling, thankfully. So once I put her to bed I got out a baby gate to keep at the bottom of the stairs to keep her from trying that again.

She still isn't doing very well with finger foods & doesn't always want her baby food. She is really loving her bottles these days, which is actually good since they have the most calories. We tried transitioning her off the bottle & to a cup but then she would only drink an ounce or two. We even tried pouring the rest in the bottle to get her to finish it off, but she wouldn't touch it. So we have decided to hold off on switching to a cup until after her surgery so she can continue to get the most calories possible.

Can you see her teeth?

Look I am standing & only holding on with one hand. She pulled up on the walker all by herself on Saturday & that is when it all began. There is no stopping her now.

Crawling Emma

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