Monday, November 8, 2010

Emma's 2nd birthday

Emma had been ready for her birthday party for weeks, ever since she said she wanted a Mickey Mouse cake. For the last week or so every morning when I got her out of bed she would say, "have Mickey Mouse birthday party." Finally on Saturday I was able to say yes, its today. I was wondering if we were going to have to have another Elmo birthday, like last year but within the last month or so Mickey Mouse has become a huge hit, thanks to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoon. She loves that show & asks to watch it all the time.

I was a bite afraid that we were going to have a very grouchy birthday girl on our hands since she didn't want to take a nap. She was so excited & didn't fall asleep until after 3pm, which normally her nap is almost 1/2 over by then. She did wake up very weepy & hungry, so we had to feed her before most of our family arrived then all was good.

Thankfully Emma's 2nd birthday was much different than her first. If you remember, it was about 2 weeks after her second heart surgery & much to our surprise was soon followed by her third. There was a lot of tears last year (not only from Emma but cousin Morgan too) & quite stressful. This year's party was very pleasant & fun was had by all.

We had hamburgers & hotdogs (of course, Emma's fav), homemade ice cream & a Mickey/Minnie cupcake pull-apart cake. The cake was really good, although a bit pricey (when did they raise the price on birthday cakes - need to look into making my own) but it caved in before we got to eat it. Thankfully I took pics of it when I brought it home.

As for Emma's gifts, she is overflowing & I am having to put more stuff in storage. I thought we did pretty good in not purchasing a lot of things but ours plus all the gifts for our families, wow was our living room full. She got a rocking chair, baby doll + many accessories, books, puzzles, Elmo Live, rocking horse (she's not real sure about yet - "its noisy") clothes & the big hits of the night her small Mickey & Mickey Mouse's playground. You just never know what they are going to cling to the most but Mickey won. She is even carrying around the Mickey gift bags like purses.

Emma is already asking for a Minnie too & we told her to ask Santa, which is mentions several times a day now. So it looks like we will be moving straight to Christmas shopping from here.

Just got up from her nap & so happy to have her Mickey Mouse balloon.

Not the best decorations, but Emma loved it.

Opening an Abby Cadabby card from aunt Beverly & Morgan.
We actually got her the same card.

She loves this Minnie bag & carries it everywhere like a purse.

Elmo shoe string clips from Grammy & Paw Paw.

Texting teen cousins

Baby stroller from Mama & Daddy

Trying to carry the baby stroller & baby swing

Taking Mickey for a ride on the rocking horse from uncle Shawn

She hardly puts her new Mickey down. She even sleeps with him.

Look at the loot. Chris assembling the baby cradle & Me opening her baby

Singing happy birthday

She's not liking the candle, "too hot".
If you look closely you an see that Mickey & the #2 is sinking.

Getting impatient with me having great difficulty opening the Mickey plates with my hurt hands. (note my new brace)


"washing hands"

"A done"

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Ashley said...

So cute! I love Emma's cake. C is totally into Mickey as well. My mom just bought her a Mickey doll a couple weeks ago and C grabs for it and laughs whenever she gets it.