Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Update on Prayer Request

We spent the afternoon at the hospital with our friends the Connolly's while little Aleyna was in surgery & she was moved to the Cardio ICU around 4:30pm. She is doing well. Her blood pressure was a bit elevated, which is a normal response from heart surgery (it was really high before the surgery due to her heart condition). They are predicting she will be in ICU for 2 days & then in Progressive Care (step down unit) for 3 days. She she should come home by Sunday at the latest if all goes well.

An update on Julie the mom/wife who is 31.5 weeks pregnant with twins, she is doing great. The boys are both 4 lbs & from what they can tell their hearts look fine. They plan to schedule an induction on Julie in 4 weeks if she hasn't gone into labor yet. Here dr will not let her carry the twins past 38 weeks. Both boys are head down, but of course they can always flip. We are hoping the boys stay put for a few more weeks so they can get past the tiny premie stage & develop as much as possible.

Thanks for all the prayers & thoughts on their behalf. They have been very scared about Aleyna, especially since this all happened so fast. Our God is good.

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