Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

What a joy it is to see your child's expression on Christmas morning. The first thing Emma said when I got her out of her crib was, "did Santa eat my cookies & drink milk." I told her we had to go see. Then she noticed as we walked down the stairs that there was stuff in her stocking. She was very excited to see Santa ate the cookies & drank the milk. She said he needed more.

The large Minnie & Pluto were the first things Emma saw under the tree from Santa. "Santa brought Emma a big Minnie & Buto". We actually had Emma's kitchen on the opposite side on the tree so she would have to walk around to find it. She loves it & keeps calling it her "table with a microwave & frigerator." We had to coax her into open her stocking & other presents. Santa could have just brought her those 3 items & I think Emma would have been just fine. As she open her puzzles, videos and books she noticed her small Minnie & Daisy that were not wrapped, then her morning was complete. This past week she started asking for a Daisy & thankfully Santa picked one up on a killer sale.

We headed to my Mom's for lunch & to open presents with my family. Emma was very excited & kept trying to open gifts before it was time. Emma got a red car to ride outside from Nana, a shopping cart from aunt Beverly, play food & dishes from aunt Karen & Uncle Bob and a gift card from Michael. She crashed soon after presents but it was too late for a nap she see spent the rest of the evening watching a new Mickey video & playing in the bath with her Mickey bath toys from Grammy & PawPaw. That was a great way to end the Christmas festivities.

Her kitchen

She carried her new Disney characters around all morning, including the Mickey she got for her birthday which never leaves her side.

Pink rubber duckie from her stocking (she is such a girl & loves pink)

"Making pizza"

"Making coffee"

Alphabet & numbers puzzles

The one moment she laid her characters down in the recliner.
I just thought it made a funny pic

Trying to wait patiently with cousin Morgan to open presents at Nana's house.

Still waiting

Time to open

Showing her the dishes from aunt Karen & uncle Bob.
Do you notice a trend, Emma's hair is always hanging in her face.

The gang is all here opening presents.

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