Monday, March 23, 2009

Good News!!!

Emma's feedings have started to pick up some & everyone is very pleased with her progress. They weighed her yesterday & it said she was 11 lbs, 80z but we think a lot of that was fluid from her IV. They did take her off IV fluids yesterday but they leave the line in until its time for discharge just in case they have to start fluids or something again. It is so hard to get a vein on babies & they don't want to stick her again if at all possible.

We took Emma for a walk in a stroller provided by the hospital yesterday just to get her out of the room & she seemed to really enjoy it. They have a large play room for children of all ages & we took her in there too. Now there wasn't really toys for children her age there but there were large kites on the ceiling which she loved.
Today when the doctor made rounds he said Emma could go home on Tuesday morning. All he wanted was to get some new chest xrays & an ultra sound, so we did those this afternoon. The doctor is suppose to stop at Emma's room first tomorrow when he starts rounds so we can leave early. I can't tell you how glad we are to be heading home. Emma has really bounced back fast but she hasn't been sleeping well & she needs to go home to be able to rest.


Leah said...

Glad things are looking up! I'll be praying for you all!

Kristi said...

Yay!!!! Sorry I didn't call yesterday. Work was killer. I got home about 7:40pm. Yuck. Anyways, I will check on you guys sometime this week!

Sarah said...

I am so glad you will be coming home soon. Please let me know if you need anything. I am not too far away, so just let me know. She is such a beautiful little girl!!