Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Springtime fun

We have been spending a lot time outside lately since the weather has been so nice. Emma will ask me as she is still eating breakfast, "go outside now". She loves playing outside especially since she has some new toys to enjoy. She still loves her golf clubs from Daddy & Friday before we went to the beach Grammy & Paw Paw brought her a sand/water table. We haven't added any water yet since she is really enjoying just playing in the sand & she can't seem to keep the sand on the proper side. We may add water later. She also got a chance to write/draw with her new sidewalk chalk from the Easter bunny before we packed up the car & headed home from the beach.

 Playing golf

 "I go under"

 "This blue one is for you Mommie"

 "I do it myself"

 New butterfly shaped sidewalk chalk

 Cousin Morgan shared hers too.

 Add in some beach toys

 My new sand/water table

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