Thursday, November 26, 2009

Being Thankful

I have seen a few people list 50 things they were thankful for & I thought I would try to do that myself this year, but I want to see if I can list at least 75. I have been thinking about doing this for some time, so there is no time like the present. These will of course will be in random order as they come across my scattered brain.
1. My loving husband
2. Our precious Emma
3. Being a stay at home mom
4. Our home
5. Our church family
6. Our families living locally
7. Growing up in a Christian home
8. The Bible
9. God's mercy
10. God's grace
11. The promise of salvation
12. Power of Prayer
13. MUSC Children's Hospital
15. Emma's heart surgeon, Dr. B
16. Medical Technology
17. Emma's cardiologist, Dr. O
18. Emma's pedi, Dr. K
19. Nurses at MUSC
20. Ultra sound tech at Dr. O's office
21. Cardiologists at MUSC
22. My mom
23. The time I had with daddy
24. My sisters
25. My brother
26. My neices
27. In-laws
28. Chris' job
29. Unemployment benefits (although my just expired)
30. Emma's quick recovery
31. My new car
32. my friends
33. my education
34. Faulkner Univ
35. religious freedom
36. holidays spent with family
37. the food we have to eat
38. my marriage
40. Lifetime
41. Dr. C
42. fertility treatments
43. Dr. S
44. MFM
45. adoption
46. Emma's hand surgeon, Dr. G
47. Dr. B's medical team
48. Jesus' sacrifice
49. God's patience
50. God
51. Jesus
52. The Church of Christ
53. The sunshine today
54. The changing of the seasons
55. The right to vote
56. Being able to experience pregnancy
57. My eye sight
58. My health
59. Chris' health
60. God's wisdom
61. God's strength
62. God's guidance
63. Emma's strength
64. Emma's willpower
65. Emma's smile
66. Emma's blue eyes
67. Emma's tentative upcoming heart procedure
68. Emma maintaing her weight
69. That Emma has a great Dad
70. Emma will grow up in a Christian home
71. Emma loves books
72. Emma has no idea she has VSD's
73. Emma will not remember going to MUSC multiple times
74. Our elders
75. Our deacons
I made it to 75 but I still feel like I have forgotten a lot so I may add to this list in the future.

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Kristi said...

Can't believe I didn't make the list... HA! :)