Sunday, September 28, 2008

14 days old

and my baby niece, Morgan had to be admitted to the hospital. She isn't sick, she has an boil/abyss on her neck that is raised & had us a little concerned. We suggested that Beverly, my sister, contact the Pediatrian & they said they did want to see her. The Pediatrain saw her Saturday morning & said Morgan should be admitted. They are thinking it is just a localized infection.

Saturday they tried 5-6 times to place an IV in her with antibotics but were completely unsuccessful in her hands, feet, arms, legs & even her scalp. They are giving her antibotics by shot until they are able to get that IV in. They tried again today to place the IV & they still are not having any success. They have been using warm compresses on Morgan to try & get the abyss to open on its own to drain. Its about the size of the tip of your pinkie finger & raised about .5 inch off her neck near her collarbone.

The surgeon was just in a few minutes ago & he seems to think its a brachial cleft cyst which is when while a baby is in utero these places normally close up but Morgan's did not & it became infected. The surgeon consulted with a Peds surgeon & he thinks they need to do a small incision to get it to drain instead of waiting on the compresses to drain it.

Now we are just waiting on the Peds surgeon to finish with some other patients and they are going to come get Morgan. It may not be until tomorrow morning until they do surgery on Morgan to drain the cyst since she isn't showing any other signs of infection. She doesn't have a fever, she is eating fine, going in her diaper fine & she is acting just like herself, she just wants everyone to stop poking at her.

I will update you when we know more. My sister, Beverly is doing fine, she is just tired as we all are since this all started Saturday morning at 11am & Morgan didn't get her 1st dose of meds until 11pm Sat night. Yesterday was a very long day & today has been pretty much the same.

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