Monday, September 29, 2008

Morgan update

We (Chris & I) were at the hospital last night until 8:30 when I knew I needed to go & rest plus my family was strongly suggesting me to go home too. Of course I cried because I didn't want to leave but I knew I needed to. The last we had heard at that point was they were coming to get Morgan at 10pm for surgery & I knew I would never make it that long. I was already extremely tired & I didn't want to end up in misery.

They did come get Morgan at 10:30 pm for surgery & that is when the torturous waiting began. Morgan had not eaten since 2pm because they kept telling us all day she was next for surgery but several emergencies Peds cases were in front of her & of course it should be that way. Then finally at 1:30am the surgeon came to speak to Beverly with Morgan screaming due to hunger & she had been screaming since 10:00pm to tell her Morgan may have to wait 2 more hours. He also gave Beverly the option of moving Morgan's surgery to 7:30 am today & promised she would not be bumped. Beverly asked if she moved her to 7:30 would Morgan be able to eat & he said yes, so she didn't hesitate & moved her surgery. The nurses immediately brought Morgan some PediLyte & some formula which Morgan drank like it was the best thing ever. They were able to give her one more PediLyte before the surgery too.

Morgan was out of surgery & back in her room this morning at 10am & is doing very well. It turns out they are now just calling it an abyss not the brachial cleft cyst. Last night after we left the abyss opened on its own & drained a lot of fluid & the doctor took a sample of it. The results from the sample probably will not be back until tomorrow or Wed but they are pretty sure it was just a staf infection. Mama said as soon as the abyss drained Morgan's skin was laying flat & no longer raised or yellow. They did make a small incision to check the abyss & get more drainage & they didn't see any other infection other than the abyss site. They were also able to finally get an IV line in Morgan's little foot while she was sedated so now they can administer her antibiotics that way instead of injections every hour. Morgan does have a bandage on her neck & will probably be in the hospital until Wed or Thurs but everyone is doing fine. There are still no signs of a fever or Morgan being sick at all she is just very tired, as is Beverly.

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Kristi said...

Bless, bless, bless her poor pitiful heart. Please tell Beverly that we are praying for her and Morgan!