Monday, July 7, 2008

Great Vacation, BUT...

WARNING- Very long!!!

Yes we did have a great mini vacation at the beach with my family & I especially hated coming home last night while the rest of them stayed until today. We went to Sunset Beach & Mama's neighborhood pool with very little sunburn to speak of, including me YEAH!!! I missed a few spot while applying sunscreen so I have a few sunburn places but nothing major & I think my youngest niece, Caroline got a little too much sun on Thursday but everyone else was good when we left. Who knows what will happen today in the sun.

Now our dog, Spencer loves traveling with us & I can't imagine being without him on our family vacations, but he always gets so grouchy. On this trip he decided he didn't like Caroline about half way into our stay. I think he just gets over tired & just doesn't want to be bothered. Granted he did get put in timeout (yes we put of dog in timeout) & punished for his behavior which sometimes worked but sometimes it didn't. We are still working on how to deal with our moody dog but we look him regardless.

We grilled chicken & hotdogs on the mini grills & the girls played with sparklers on the 4th instead of driving to see fireworks as we normally do. While we were outside on the deck, Kaylee, my oldest niece noticed something stuck on Chris' truck tire & that it was hissing. He just happened to be out riding his bike (which he brought to the beach with him) so he was unaware. So when he returned & he had eaten his dessert I broke the news to him about his tire & he was almost unreactive to the news. He then told us that his tire sensor in the truck had been coming on for a week now & he need to have the tires checked anyway.

So, Saturday morning Chris & my brother in-law, Bobby headed to the tire place to get the tire repaired. After several hours Chris went to pick up his truck to find that a 2 inch long thin metal pipe piece is what was stuck in his tire, so they patched it for him.

Thinking the tires we in top shape, we headed home last night around 7:45 (yes we left really late). We were about 30-45 minutes from the beach house when Chris let out a big sigh & I thought he had left something at the house & he said no, the tire sensor just came on. Of course we are in the middle on nowhere in Hwy 9 in SC so I don't want he stopping on the side of the road to check the tires. We finally come to the first gas station about 30 minutes later in the getto for him to check the tire pressure. The pressure appears to be fine so we venture on. Now as we continue to drive the sky is getting very dark & its your typical night sky, it a storm brewing. It was probably the darkest I have ever seen the sky before the storm & I was starting to get a little concerned. It truly looked like we were driving into a tornado the sky looked so bad.

Then it started to rain, no thunder or hail & very little lighting just rain. So naturally we think its just a typical summer storm that we will drive through in a few minutes, not the case. It was pouring & we couldn't see, the road was flooding & we are hydroplaning everywhere - even in Chris' Titan truck. I asked Chris to slow down & little did I know we were already driving 35 in a 55, it was that bad. The more we drove the worse it got & then I started to cry. I hate storms & have since I was a small child. I was even more scared being pregnant & wondering what would happen if we wreck, will the baby be okay. Then I got so upset & nervous I started cramping, which you guessed it, made me cry more. Now of course we are still in the middle of nowhere so we can't pull over & wait for the storm to pass so we keep driving & I continue to cry.

Finally Chris says we will stop in the first town we come to so he can check the tires again & then he says I think we can write the drive in the book as our Trip from H***. My tires are low & the sensor keeps going off, its pouring down rain, we can't see, the roads are flooding, we are sliding all over the roads & my pregnant emotional wife is scared to death crying all the way home. Lord please get us home safe. So we finally come to the first real town with a gas station & he checks the tires again, which are still doing okay but the rain is still coming down. We sit there for a few minutes & venture out in it again. The rain continues to fall, roads still flooding & we are still sliding. I am about to loose my mind. Chris of course tells me to try & sleep but there is no chance, I am too uptight at this point.

We make it to the next town to get gas & check the tires again, they are fine & we head off again - still raining. It rains probably 30 minutes or so longer & I finally start to doze off. Needless to say we did make it home safe & sound but it was one of the most stressful drives we have ever been on & will go down in the books as the Trip from H***.

The only thing that was calm in the truck during this storm was our dog, Spencer. He slept almost the entire way home in his bed in between Chris & I. I am glad he felt safe or he could have just be completely exhausted.

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