Saturday, July 26, 2008


This morning we went & ordered our baby furniture & it should be delivered to Babies R Us in 1-2 weeks. Being first time parents we were totally unaware that they don't keep baby furniture in stock, all they have are the floor models. So while we were at Babies R Us with Chris' parents we did some shopping. They were having sales on summer clothes so we bought a few things for next summer.

Next we headed to Toys R Us to pick up the crib toy I wanted but once I saw it in person I totally changed my mind. So I will probably go back to the internet tonight & look again. While we were there they had a sale on clothes too, so we pick up 3 more outfits all $4 each.

Then we headed to lunch & to the mall (Concord Mills) to see Batman. While waiting for our movie to start we walked around the mall & guess what we found, you guessed it more sales. The Children's Place was having a huge sale. We picked up 2 bathing suits, a beach hat, a bathing suit cover-up & 1 outfit, out total was $17.

After that is was time to head back to the theater for the movie, which was great by the way. It was long, but really good. Although I don't recommend taking children young in age it could be a little scary for them.

What a great day we have had. Shopping for our little one was a blast. We can't wait for her to get here & we have pretty much decided someone may have to control on spending on her. Today was just way too much fun, at least everything we bought was on sale. The grand total today = $64 (8 outfits, 2 bathing suits, a bathing suit cover & a changing table cover - this was the most expensive $12).


Kristi said...

Hooray for a shopping day! It's time to start posting some pics...

angie said...

We are really going to have to work on this taking picture thing, we are so bad about it. We never remember to carry a camera with us to any event. But I think I can handle taking pictures of the clothes we bought. Stay tuned