Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nursery Prep

It has finally started, we are prepping the nursery for the baby. Last weekend I cleaned out her closet, last night Chris & his Dad hung a ceiling fan & today Chris is painting. It took us a while to decide on how to paint the room because neither one of us wanted an all pink room (her bedding is pink, brown & off white). Chris found a really pretty picture of a pink/brown nursery online but it seemed a lot of work for a room she may not be in very long since we plan to put the house up for sale next year. Maybe we will save that idea for the new house. We decided to paint one accent wall pale pink & the other 3 beige. I can't wait to see the finished product.


Your adopted mom said...

The nursery sounds beautiful and I can't wait to see some pics! Can't believe you are only 100 days away now! Must seem like forever to you---but always remember---some babies like to arrive early (like my grands!)! You guys are on my mind so much now and we continue to pray that little Emma Grace (guess you still plan to use that name?) will arrive on time and healthy!!

angie said...

Thanks so much for all the support during this pregnancy & in the past. You guys are great. Yes, her name is still Emma Grace. We hardly every call her BB anymore.