Thursday, January 17, 2008

More updates

Daddy is now out of the hospital & back in the nursing home. 2 hours after I wrote the previous blog my sister called & said he would be discharged this afternoon & taking back to the nursing home. He is doing so much better today. He is talking to us in complete sentences instead of 1 or 2 word answers & he is moving around & waving at us. When Mama walked in his room this morning she told him she sure was glad to see him & he responded, "I am glad to see you too. You made my day! That made me cry. She really needed to hear that, yesterday was a really hard day for her.

Daddy even got a little attitude with Mama this afternoon when we were leaving, which may not sound like a good thing but it really is. It actually takes more mentally to form an argumentative tone then to just answer a simple question which is what he has been doing this week, if he answered us at all. We were trying to get him to tell us bye as we were leaving & he was not responding or we even thought he was ignoring us. Mama kept asking him if he was going to tell us bye & he said, "I am trying Sandie (that's Mama)". Which we all died laughing & that was a perfect answer & a great way to end a visit with him today.

Now we are all planning on going back to work tomorrow & try to return to live as we know it. We are all really glad about that, seriously. Being at the hospital from 9am - 11pm for the last 5 days has been extremely exhausting, especially for me since I got sick again. I am starting to feel a little better but I still got a long way to go. I am only on day 2 of my antibiotics & pred - 10 more to go.

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