Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tears from Angie

This was my comment to Chris & Mama late Tuesday night. I actually woke up on Tuesday morning really tired from the day before, but felt like I was turning the corner from being sick. Then as the day progressed I really went down hill, my first clue was when I told my oldest sister Karen that I didn't feel good & she said what's wrong & I said I don't know I just feel terrible, with tears rolling down my face. As the night progressed I was crying about everything, coughing my head off & by 9pm I couldn't stop coughing. I coughed so much I made my throat swell & was having trouble swallowing & breathing. Of course you guessed it, I cried some more. Then Chris & Mama both cornered me at the same time & said it is time for you to go downstairs to the ER. Yes, I cried even more, "I don't want to go to the ER." Well to make this sorry much shorter I agreed to go the the urgent care first thing Wed. morning instead. Then on our way home from the hospital Mama called (11:30pm) & said she would arrange for me to have an appointment with her doctor (she is an RN for an Internal Medicine doctor) & I needed to be there by 8:15am no questions asked & of course I agreed. How could I not, Mama didn't really give me a choice, she said this is what you are going to do.

So I went & guess what I had a sinus infection with some bronical inflammation which is why I couldn't breath. He gave me antibiotics & pred & then proceeded to tell me that I needed to wait 1-2 days before I went back to see Daddy. Yep you guessed it I cried again & he quickly told me just to keep my distance from him like I had already been doing & everything would be fine.

Then later that morning we had an appointment with REACH to get the results of my byopsy I had done in Dec. to check the lining of my uterus. While talking to him I cried again & I don't even remember what made me cry that time, it must have been something small & silly. It may have been just as simple him asking how I was, I really don't remember.

Then once I got the hospital & met up with my Mama & siblings to eat lunch I was telling them about all my appointments that morning & they made me cry too. They snapped at me & I just bursted into tears. I don't mean little ones I was sobbing like a child I was crying so hard. Of course once I calmed down & assured them that they didn't hurt my feeling that I was just really fragile & had been crying all morning. Mama said oh great now we have to be extra sensitive to you. We had been snappy with each other all week & had been laughing about it, we all knew we were very tired/stress so none of us were taking it to heart. We are a very close family & don't fight so it was all in fun/games. We had to pass the time somehow.

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