Thursday, October 9, 2008

3 Weeks & Counting

This morning was my 37 week OB appointment & we saw a new doctor who just started at my office last week & we liked her very much. She is young, peppy & very proactive. She has put me on a preeclampsia watch. My blood pressure was too high, she didn't like the swelling in my feet/ankles, I have been having blurred vision & Emma's heartrate was much lower than normal. My proteins were good & my weight didn't increase from last week so she was happy with those results.

Unfortunately I am not any closer to deliver Emma than I was last week. I am still 75% efaced with no dilation but I do have a few contractions per day just not enough to progress me any further. So I have to go back Monday afternoon to be checked again as a precaution. So now I am wondering if they will end up having to enduce me, either for preeclampsia reasons or because I am past due. I guess time will tell.

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