Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Good One

We had another really good weekend after the small scare from Miss Emma on Friday morning. I already had plans to go with my sister, baby Morgan, my cousin Trisha & her 15 month old little boy to visit our grandmother for lunch. Thursday was her 91st birthday & we wanted to visit her for a belated celebration & we all had a great time. I had originally planned on taking my camera but with the excitement of the morning it kind of slipped my mind. Above is the most recent picture I have of Gram & my Mom 4 weeks ago at the hospital with 1 day old Morgan.

Then after lunch Karen, my oldest sister & I stopped by one of the consignment stores we neither one of us purchased a thing. I am looking for a bouncer & she is searching for a car seat base, our searches continue.

Saturday was a pretty busy day in our house. Chris left really early to go help his parents move some things into storage & had a baby shower for a friend to attend + I had cooking to do for our church picnic later that afternoon. The shower started at 1pm so I left before Chris came home & he left before I returned so he could play ball at the church picnic. Unfortunately I didn't get to the picnic until 6pm (the shower ran really late) so I missed seeing everyone playing softball but I hear they all had a great time. even baby Morgan was in attendance. The picnic was a lot of fun & of course ended with me having contractions as we were walking to the car. I only had a few but they were pretty strong.

Saturday night was not a good one for me at all, since I had trouble sleeping & I am not sure why. I wasn't uncomfortable or in pain, just awake from 2-5am. I did finally cry myself to sleep from exhaustion but I felt terrible on Sunday morning of course. I had several strong contractions while at church Sunday morning but again nothing in a pattern or enough to call the OB but of course I was crying by the time services were over due to being extremely tired + in pain. I only had 1 more contraction the rest of day right after lunch so my hopes that this weekend was going to be it did not happen. I take a nap Sunday afternoon but it wasn't quite enough to help me feel myself. Last night I slept great & I feel much more like myself today.

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