Friday, October 17, 2008

Pot Luck Surprise

Yesterday Chris' department at work had a pot luck luck, which they do pretty often but little did he know it was also for him. They gave him a baby shower & he was so excited when he called & told me. After my OB appointment I went by Babies R Us & a consignment store in Pineville with plans to meet Anita & Vicki from the office for lunch. I didn't get anything at BRU but I did find a bouncer at the consignment for $20 & its exactly what I was looking for. I wanted on that either had lights or music along with a rocking/vibrations. The I got has an aquarium attached to the bar thet lights up, plays music & bubbles, score. I also pick up some clothes for Miss Emma too. I discovered over the weekend that she did have very many newborn things so this week I have picked up several things either on sale or from consignment stores.

So after shopping I headed to the office to meet up with Anita & Vicki & we went to eat a Chilil's & had a great time as usual. After lunch I went in the office to see the other girls from TCH & that is when I got the call from Chris about his surprise shower. We got some nice stuff. One of my favorites is a hand knitted hat & blanket that is still to come, she left us note telling us the blanket wasn't quite done yet but I can't wait to see it. I will post a picture of both soon.

Thanks so much Time Warner for the shower, which will be our 4th. We are so thankful to have so many family, friends & coworkers who want to celebrate with us Emma arrival. We can't wait till she gets to enjoy & use all these gifts.

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