Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Morgan Goes Home

This afternoon Morgan was discharged from the hospital. The surgeon came in early this morning & removed the packing from the surgery site & said everything looked great. The culture results came back & said there was no major infection just some bacteria so they switched her to Augmentin instead of the heavy antibiotics she was on. The surgeon did want Morgan to stay at the hospital for a few hours to make sure she didn't have any reaction to her new meds & she didn't so we left with her around 2:30pm.

Morgan & Mama Beverly are home now & very tired but glad to be out of the hospital. Last night was a rough night, baby Morgan was up all night with a possible upset tummy & finally fell asleep at 4:30am. We are suspecting all the antibiotics probably upset Morgan's tummy just like they do with adults but that is the only issue we have seen. They have a follow-up appointment tomorrow morning at the Pediatrian's office.

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