Monday, October 6, 2008

Visiting Friends

Today I met to friends I used to work with at the old office, Stephanie & Varsha to help them with some computer software issues. It was really great to see them. I have spoken to them several times over email but it has probably been at least 2 years since I have seem them both. Varsha is from India & made us lunch with authentic Indian food which was great.

After eating I headed to see Anita from the office, today is her birthday. I ate cake with the girls stayed for a while & headed back home. Today has been another good day, but I am tired.


Your adopted mom said...

Only 22 days to go!!!! WOW!!!! You must be getting excited now! I know that you are tired and, let's just say---miserable!!! There is only SO much room in there for a baby!!! :) Kristi and I think of you guys so often and can't wait to 'see' little Emma Grace in pics!!! But we won't hurry her---remember---SLEEP!!! (By the way, does Emma already have a 'Mimi'? That's what my grands call me but I don't want to steal someone else's name.)

angie said...

I am really tired & having a hard time sleeping even with Tylenol PM. I plan to ask the doctor for Ambien tomorrow at my 37 week visit. I wouldn't say I am miserable just uncomfortable with periods of feeling terrible.

My mom is Nana & Chris' mom is going to be Grammy, I think. Then my grandmother is Gram, which will be her great grandmother.