Friday, October 3, 2008

36 Week Appointment

Well we found out today that I am 75% efaced but no dilation. Dr. Moore said most women are usually dilated at least 1 cm at 75% so he suspects I will start dilating soon. He told me the sharp pains I have been feeling are my pelvis moving/opening up to make room for the baby to drop & pass through & not a part of contractions. He said the cramps that are accompaning the sharp pains probably are contractions & that is to be expected at 36 weeks. He also said its not that abnormal to suddenly start feeling bad when I have felt so good through out the pregnancy & its totally normal at 36 weeks. He said I am progressing as normal & baby Emma is still head down. He also said my lack of sleep has nothing to do with how bad I feel either, which was what I thought, its just part of being 36 weeks pregnant & nearing the end.

We go back next Thursday to see a new doctor they just added to the practice & we will now be going every week. We should also get the Strep B culture results.

Just as a side note, I am feeling pretty good today. I am pretty tired but not sore or uncomfortable like I have been earlier this week.

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