Monday, October 20, 2008

Shop til you Drop

That is exactly what we did Saturday. Neither of my nieces had soccer games on Saturday & that is how we normally spend our Saturday's is on the ball field watching them play, but instead Beverly decided she wanted to hit the consignment stores. So I called Karen & Mama & they joined us on our venture + Kaylee came too. We hit 3 stores & had a great time. Beverly & I both bought a lot of clothes + we found a bassenet & a pack -n-play for Chris' parents. Last week I realized I didn't have anything to for Emma to rest in during the day & night, all we have is a pack-n-play & crib which are both up stairs. I really wanted to have something downstairs too & we found this bassenet I fell in love with. Not that its beautiful or anything but I just really liked it + you can hide the wheels on the bottom & it becomes a cradle BONUS. So we will keep this in our room & put up the pack-n-play downstairs. Now all we need is a baby, come on Emma.


Kristi said...

Enough, already. Emma, if you want Aunt Kissy to see you in person you had best speed it on up, kapeesh? :)

Erica said...

Wow, good shopping!