Saturday, February 16, 2008

Off bed rest

I must say I am very glad to be off bed restriction, but I still get tired really easy & I am still sore. We went out last night for a belated Valentine's dinner with hopes of going to Carraba's, but we think everyone did the same thing we did & waited until Friday night. Needless to say, we didn't stay but we went to our favorite chinese restaurant & still had a great dinner. As soon as we came home I went straight to bed.
Today we went shopping & to lunch which was great too. I bought 2 dresses at Jones New York at Birkdale & only spent $21.43, I love a good sale. One of the girls from works said they were having a really big sale, how fun. I can't wait to wear them, but they are sleeveless so I will have to wait a couple months.
We also went to PetsMart to look at puppies. Chris had told me last weekend that he wanted to get me a puppy for Valentine's & of course I didn't believe him, but I still wanted to go look. Now since that's where we got Spencer I was really hoping they would have another cute puppy, but no such luck. We went to 2 PetCo's & 2 PetsMart's & very few puppies were there. It was mostly really big dogs, which I really don't want. Now I am not saying we would have purchased one, but I wanted to look just for fun.


Kristi said...

Glad you had a good dinner! Did you see Kate wore your outfit today for her party? She had the best time. Glad to hear you are feeling better... BTW - are those dresses going to FIT in a few months? :)

angie said...

Actually one of the dresses is a little small & I need to loose a little more weight before I can wear it but if the transfer did work I can at least wear the brown one before I start showing.